These Iconic Women Slippers Have Now Become The Next Travel Essentials

Every woman deserves to be comfortable from head to toe. As currently most women are working from home in pyjamas and t-shirts, they need a comfortable pair of slippers to complete their cosy outfit. The importance of relaxation slippers can’t be overstated. Your typical flip flop purchased last minute at the airport just won’t cut it. Which is why this article is all about iconic women slippers that give you a feeling of heaven when you walk. So, let’s explore the list. 

A List of the Best Women Slippers. 

Black Casual Slippers 

These are practical, comfortable, and affordable. If you want to buy slippers that are technically designed for outdoor purpose, you should definitely buy these. They are easy to wear and have sturdy and durable soles, so you can wear them outside and cover a mile distance effortlessly. 

Beige Casual Slippers 

These slippers are perfectly designed for outdoor purposes. They will keep your feet dry and ventilated. Some women go for the thin line strip based sandals for outdoor purpose, but we find the beige casual slippers the most comfortable and practical for day to day life. If you ever forgot to pack them for a holiday, you will definitely turn your car to pick them.

White thin line strips 

One of the most popular and highly comfortable women slippers are white thin line strips. They are so lightweight and offer you an extensive level of comfortness. They are multipurpose, and you can use them for indoor and outdoor activities. Aside from the functionality and comfortness, they look amazing on every outfit, right from ethnic to casual. A working woman who wears leggings and Kurti cannot and should not ignore this slipper. 

Ultra stylish and comfortable brown casual slippers

If you are someone who wants comfort along with style, then you should definitely go for this. The solid pattern, cushioning and anti-slip sole gives you a level of confidence. These slippers for women are breathable and classic. You can wear them with cosy socks during winters.

Rose Gold Party Slippers 

This pair of sandals can allure any woman. Look at the design; the golden sole pattern and orange sparkle is enhancing the attractiveness of this sandal. If you are someone who loves to decorate your feet with sparkle, then you should definitely buy this. It can be paired with any ethnic outfit. 

Gun-metal casual heel slipper 

This sandal proves the statement correct, “A sandal raises the standard of a woman”. There are so many reasons to love this slipper, such as: they are highly stylish, run on any outfit, have a comfortable heel, and fall in your budget. 

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on the best and attractive women slippers help you a lot. You can explore all the above-mentioned collections on Mochi Shoe’s website. Along with women slippers, you’ll even find other styles and types of footwear on the website. So do make the right choice of buying the best one. Happy Shopping!

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List of Comfortable Night Suits

Whether you are trying to impress your partner or want a relaxing night, night suits are the best thing to wear. There are so many different types of night suits out there; some are sexier than others, whereas some are comfy. Apart from them, even t-shirts are the best when it comes to sleepwear. There is no shame in wearing an oversized t-shirt. 

The best thing about buying night suits online is that you are spoilt with options. You can take a sip of hot coffee wearing a night suit in the morning. 

As mentioned, there are plenty of night suits out there in the market; it can be an intimidating task to choose the perfect one that suits your body perfectly. Don’t bust your mind; in this blog, we will tell you the best and comfortable night suits online

5 Night Suits Online to Dress Up When You are Sleeping

Cotton Pajama and T-Shirt Set

It is a basic and round the year wearable night suit. In summers, we opt for fewer clothes, and cotton is the fabric which we prefer more. If you live in places where shorts are not allowed, and you want comfortable sleepy nights, then opt for cotton pajamas and t-shirt. There are plenty of designs available. Washing them is also very easy and does not require any extra work. From relaxed pajama to comfy t-shirt, this set looks amazing on everybody. 

Full Sleeves style Night Suit

Another common and the most comfortable nightwear is full sleeves night suit. It is available in a variety of colors, designs, and stylish patterns. This type of night suit can steal your heart. The symmetry patterns on the t-shirts and pajama look are the best one according to us. 

You can buy these night suits online. There are plenty of online stores out there, which offer these kinds of night suits at the best rates. Grab the online offers, and create a crazy and stylish nightwear collection. 

Short-Sleeve t-shirt and Capri 

This night suit is perfect for girls who usually spend their time on the couch. They are flexible, and of course, enhance your overall look. Opt for 100% pure cotton fabric. Their eye-appealing designs add happy vibes in your nightwear collection. One of the significant benefits of purchasing these kinds of night suits online is that you can go to a local market without changing clothes. 

Long Sleeves and Shorts 

You might opt for the long sleeve top and shorts during the transitioning season to balance out the temperature; plus, this night suit looks fantastic on everyone and offers an ultra comfortableness. 

Matching Shorts sets 

If you are a dress person even in bed, then a matching short set is the perfect night suit for you. The stretch and fabric will feel amazing against the skin.


We hope this comprehensive guide on buying night suits online helps you a lot. Above mentioned night suits collection is trendy and offers you ultra-comfort when you are on the bed. 

Tempted? Want to know where you get these night suits online? If yes, then head over to the official site of Zivame. It is a one-stop brand for intimate-wear and nightwear. Don’t forget to take advantage of online deals and offers.

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Winter is fast approaching, and the season is known to have some of the best fashion trends of the year. From sweatshirts and jackets to dresses and skirts, winter apparel is the perfect combination of comfort and style. This winter, if you’re looking for outfits to freshen up your wardrobe with the signature seasonal looks, buckle up! This season many treats for fashion enthusiasts are unbeatable. Myntra is here to add to the excitement with their collection of fashionable, high-quality clothes from GAP in their BFF sale and that calls for a full-on shopping spree.

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Good reasons why every woman should own lingerie

For many years lingerie has been an icon of seduction and sexiness for both the genders. In fact, it was thought actually that when a female had an intention of enticing her man she got lingerie. But gradually with the passing of time this perception received a slight shift amid a lot of females and they have realized that though this intimate wear is used for spicing things up in the bedroom is also at the same time worn for the female herself. After all lingerie is personal thus should be worn for her. Women, in fact, every woman must own a set of lingerie at least for a good number of reasons. 

  • Make her feel good- Wearing the right lingerie will actually make a female feel good. There is something special regarding this intimate wear’s sheer, silkiness when this rubs on a female’s body which makes her feel good. The truth is this high can actually last the entire day, thereby making it a good reason for a woman to own lingerie sexy.
  • Make her feel confident- The right lingerie will make the wearer feel confident. Superior quality lingerie manufactured of the best fabrics will boost up her self worth 
  • Add feminity- When a woman wears lingerie for herself, she spends the day indeed with a secret that lies underneath her outfit. This is none other than the secret/undisclosed power of feminity. And the knowledge that a woman can be as elegant and graceful as she requires being devoid of diminishing from her strength as an individual. To put on the correct lingerie will give her that something extra which will keep her feeling good throughout the day 
  • Make her feel sexy– there cannot be anything more sexy than smooth and sheer fabric piece caressing a woman’s body gently. Sexiness is not truly in what she wears, how racy her top is or how skimpy her outfit is. In reality, this is something may be cocktail dresses which radiates fully from the inside, and the inner confidence which proclaims to all that she is sexy and she knows it. On its own lingerie cannot do this, but one that perfectly fits a female can boost her confidence, make her appear comfortable and improve her sexy-o-meter
  • Her man will simply love it- it is true, sometimes a woman wears lingerie, especially for her better half and there is actually nothing men love more than a woman clad in lingerie. This small piece of clothing can work wonders in heating things up within the bedroom as well as is a means of adding spice to her relationship. But what a woman needs to know is that the male is all about the female in the intimate wear and also her confidence. Putting on the best lingerie will definitely give her that confidence of being sexy and naughty for her man. 

So all you women who do not own a lingerie yet should invest in one right away. Just wear it and feel the difference. 

The Best Gift Option As Per Your Requirement

If you need to make a few packages for little, you can choose the classic gift wrap: usually the main choice because it is cheaper than other packages. However, it involves a long process and does not always allow us to have a final result that is up to our expectations.

How many times have you left full of enthusiasm and then become disappointed by your manual skill?

So if you want to save time, energy and headaches, you can buy plain colored or Christmas motif envelopes that will allow you to create beautiful packages to see in no time. There are many types: in paper, plastic, with handle, with adhesive closure and also padded for courier shipments. If you visit premium gifts site then you can make a visit to the why choose us  part and there you will be able to have the best deal.

If you are giving away objects that require additional protection, you can use boxes decorated in cardboard that will make the visual effect of your gift even more beautiful and impactful. There are various types: you should visit the page dedicated to Christmas packaging on ratio form.

One of the most popular gifts during Christmas is wine (and alcohol in general). If you have made this choice, use boxes decorated for bottles or wooden boxes. Further improve the inside of the box with a colored wooden or paper straw padding, in this way you will give a nice and elegant effect while increasing the safety of the packaging.

  • The straw can also be used to decorate gift baskets in which to insert food or cosmetic products, closing everything with transparent cellophane decorated with bows or colored ribbons.
  • Now that you have all the information you need to make sure gift wrapping, don’t forget that your imagination is the only limit.

Yes, it Might Be Christmas time and shopping time

A joy, of course, but also a stress because deciding who to give the gift to, what to buy and above all how much to spend are thoughts that in the mind of every Christmans-giver emerge more and more nagging as the fateful date approaches and that the time available disappears. Don’t you want to spend the eve wandering disconsolately from one mall to another, hunting for the right idea? Then the secret is not to be reduced to the last moment and to play in advance, before the shelves are emptied and the pressure rises uncontrolled. It is a technique of sure success and with beneficial effects on the quality of life.

Prevention is better than cure, an inflated and overused aphorism. But also true. In fact, even in terms of shopping, anticipating the times is a winning tactic which, however, is often not enough. In fact, it takes method and organization. And maybe some small rules to follow that will turn you into a real “gift machine” capable of not missing a beat.