New Beauty Trend – Conscientious Cosmetics

One of the best beauty trends we’ve seen in quite some time is the recent influx of conscientious cosmetics. We’re pleased to note that many key players in the beauty industry are taking steps in the right direction and creating both products and packaging that are earth friendly in various ways. While there are many shades of green, if you will, reflected in today’s beauty story, we think you’ll be pleased with the quality of the above products.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Toned Day Cream ($35.95)

The smart people at Dr. Hauschka are anti-synthetic additives and anti-animal testing, which makes us very pro on them as a whole. Plus, the brand also uses responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Of the many luxurious products, we’re really into their Toned Day Cream because it’s an excellent tinted moisturizer and gives you a super gorgeous healthy glow – perfect for that beach glow and to match your Oakley sunglasses. It’s lightweight too, so it’s perfect for the upcoming warm months!

Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss ($16)

The Greek brand Korres has a cult following amongst beauty editors and product junkies for a reason. The brand chooses to use natural ingredients instead of synthetic products in their amazing (seriously, truly) products, which include body products, skincare, and makeup too. Our favorite product is the Cherry Full Color Gloss, which comes in 10 different colors, is packed with cherry (duh) and jojoba oils, and contains loads of antioxidants.

Aveda Uruku Eye-Lip Color Liner ($12)

Of course we couldn’t leave the conscientious early-adapters at Aveda out of the equation. This multi-tasking liner can be used on eyes or lips and the color comes from plant-based pigments. This means no synthetic dyes—yippee! Don’t fret about the how the pencil part was made, it’s forged with responsibly sourced cedar. The liner comes in recycled paper packaging and is available in three shades: Kava, Verona, and Morena.

Smashbox Green Room Bronzer ($28)

Pretty packaging and a beautiful bronze shade are just the superficial reasons why you should check out this limited edition bronzer. On a more meaningful level, you’ll be happy to know that for every purchase of Smashbox Green Room products (the line also has a primer, eye shadow, and lip gloss), Trees for the Future will plant a Moringa tree in a developing country. Also all the packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable!

Tarte Natural Swirl Cheekstain($28)

Cheeky girls take note that Tarte has an all-natural version of their beloved cheek stain. This earthy blush option gets its color from pigments that are derived from fruit and minerals. It’s preservative-free, paraben-free, and mineral-oil free, but somehow blends just as easily as the original formulation. Additionally, Tarte donates money to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest through Sambazon’s Sustainable Acai Project.

Josie Maran Cosmetics Mascara ($22)

Of the many eco-friendly items in Josie Maran’s cosmetic line, perhaps the most impressive is her mascara formulation. Said mascara is made from organic ingredients like beeswax and is paraben-free yet it still works as well as its “scientifically enhanced” peers.

Nature Girl Flower Infusion Shampoo ($36)

If all the harsh detergents in your regular shampoo are freaking you out, why not switch things up and get a more mellow cleaner? The adorable packaging of Nature Girl’s Flower Infusion Shampoo is just as cool as the ingredients. The product is sulfate-free, made from veggie oils, and has lots of flower power type essential oils for natural softness. All the products from this swell line are made with organic ingredients.

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Good reasons why every woman should own lingerie

For many years lingerie has been an icon of seduction and sexiness for both the genders. In fact, it was thought actually that when a female had an intention of enticing her man she got lingerie. But gradually with the passing of time this perception received a slight shift amid a lot of females and they have realized that though this intimate wear is used for spicing things up in the bedroom is also at the same time worn for the female herself. After all lingerie is personal thus should be worn for her. Women, in fact, every woman must own a set of lingerie at least for a good number of reasons. 

  • Make her feel good- Wearing the right lingerie will actually make a female feel good. There is something special regarding this intimate wear’s sheer, silkiness when this rubs on a female’s body which makes her feel good. The truth is this high can actually last the entire day, thereby making it a good reason for a woman to own lingerie sexy.
  • Make her feel confident- The right lingerie will make the wearer feel confident. Superior quality lingerie manufactured of the best fabrics will boost up her self worth 
  • Add feminity- When a woman wears lingerie for herself, she spends the day indeed with a secret that lies underneath her outfit. This is none other than the secret/undisclosed power of feminity. And the knowledge that a woman can be as elegant and graceful as she requires being devoid of diminishing from her strength as an individual. To put on the correct lingerie will give her that something extra which will keep her feeling good throughout the day 
  • Make her feel sexy– there cannot be anything more sexy than smooth and sheer fabric piece caressing a woman’s body gently. Sexiness is not truly in what she wears, how racy her top is or how skimpy her outfit is. In reality, this is something may be cocktail dresses which radiates fully from the inside, and the inner confidence which proclaims to all that she is sexy and she knows it. On its own lingerie cannot do this, but one that perfectly fits a female can boost her confidence, make her appear comfortable and improve her sexy-o-meter
  • Her man will simply love it- it is true, sometimes a woman wears lingerie, especially for her better half and there is actually nothing men love more than a woman clad in lingerie. This small piece of clothing can work wonders in heating things up within the bedroom as well as is a means of adding spice to her relationship. But what a woman needs to know is that the male is all about the female in the intimate wear and also her confidence. Putting on the best lingerie will definitely give her that confidence of being sexy and naughty for her man. 

So all you women who do not own a lingerie yet should invest in one right away. Just wear it and feel the difference.